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About !!

About Me.. What should I start with ?? :/ Most of the people around me  know a lot ‘about me’.. Who am I, What do I do, etc., etc..

Now for my ‘new-would-be-friends’, I am just another common man living in India. By profession I am an Software engineer. If you are interested in knowing my name, you can call me Sapan.

My hobbies include playing lawn tennis, listening music, reading. My latest passion is blogging. So you can also conclude that I love computers and a major part of the 24 hours passes in front of the computer.. most of the time working rather than surfing the net or playing games.

Something about the blog… I entered this virtual world of blogging too late…in 2006.. I blogged for the first time in 2006 and the blog was much like a daily diary rather monthly diary… After the first post on that blog the second entry took almost two months !! and the third was even more than that. Due to some or the other reason I just could not carry on with that… :( Again I tried blogging in 2007 end, almost after a year and half since my first blog.. The blog is still alive. If out of curiosity you want to check, go here. I shifted to a custom domain in June due to the limitations in the normal WordPress blog. Now its for sure that I am going to keep this blog always buzzing with activity, come whatever may… Moreover, the blog isn’t based on a particular topic.. Someday the post could be on technology and the other day it could be some inspirational story.. Anyway, you can search from the categories whatever you like..

The blog is still in the development phase and I think it will always be in that phase… You will always find some or the other change in the blog, it may be a change in the theme or some new functionality may have been added.

You can contact me at: or a simpler way is to just leave a comment.