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GATE 2010 Info !!

Hello to all the GATE Aspirants !

So finally there’s some info about GATE 2010.. Its not totally official till now, but the information has been published by gate forum.. The official declaration is expected soon, around 2nd week of September i.e. just a few days from now.. !!

Till then just have a look…

1. GATE 2010 will be conducted by IIT Guwahati

2. The validity of GATE score will be 2 years. It hasn’t been clarified whether the score of GATE 2009 will also be valid for next year or not. I hope they do so…

3. The pattern of the GATE paper is again set to change… Hope they don’t make it more difficult.. !!

4. 3rd year students will be allowed to appear for the exam.

5. Pharmacy is still not included in GATE 2010.

6. Some papers might be conducted online.

7. GATE 2010 forms will be available from 22nd September… So latest by 22nd everything will be clear..

8. Finally, GATE 2010 will be conducted on 14th February 2010… Still not confirmed but the exam is always conducted on the 2nd Sunday of February.

All the best for GATE 2010…

PS: As mentioned earlier, most of the information given above hasn’t been confirmed. For the official declaration please wait for some more time…


VijayOctober 21st, 2009 at 10:00 PM

You have mentioned in your post that “It hasn’t been clarified whether the score of GATE 2009 will also be valid for next year or not”. I took GATE 2009 and got All India Rank 12 in EC stream. I was in my third year of study then. Since the score will not be of any use for admissions next year I feel students from our year alone have been deprived of an opportunity which students from other years enjoyed. I enquired IIT Madras office through e mail whether there will be any extension of Gate 2009 score, but i got no reply from them.Can you suggest me any means by which I can know whether there will be an extension of validity of Gate 2009 score or not? Thanks in advance.


Sapan Reply:

Hello Vijay,

First of all, congratulations on getting AIR 12 in EC. I think that u better know that what’s ur caliber, isn’t it ? So don’t worry.

Though its totally unfair for all the 3rd year students, but u know that its not in our hands. :( India is still in the awakening mode… People just take such things very lightly.. otherwise, if u protest against this, I m sure that the authorities will have to change their decision.

btw, I think that u won’t have any problem even if u appear this time.

Regarding the means for knowing about the validity, one is that u can call the GATE office and confirm. If they are unsure, then there’s no option other than waiting. The final decision will be out before the results of GATE 2010, i.e. March 15, 2010.

All the best.


vijayOctober 22nd, 2009 at 2:09 PM

Thanks a lot.


mahesh sharmaFebruary 14th, 2010 at 1:31 PM

sir please extent the score of gate2009.


mahesh sharmaFebruary 14th, 2010 at 1:42 PM

dear sir today i give gate2010, but i am not fully confident obout score, last year in gate 2009 i am qualified, since last few days i am in depression regarding score, some time i am going to deprssion so much that, up to level of “END OF LIFE” .NO MORE LIVES AGAIN” please sir help me, thank you..
please sir dont say fearer.



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