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GATE Exam Syllabus | GATE 2010 Syllabus

Looking at the blog statistics, I found that there are still many who are in search of GATE 2010 Syllabus. I have already put up the syllabus here but that was as per GATE 2009. When I had written that post the final syllabus of 2010 wasn’t out. Now the syllabus has been finalized and there are a few surprises in store for the GATE Aspirants.

So what are those surprises ?Gate_Syllabus_caption

1. General Aptitude (GA) Section has been implemented from this year i.e. 2010. The GA section will be of 15 marks. This section will be in all the GATE papers. A little bit tinge of CAT ? What say ?

2. This time it has been clearly mentioned that the mathematics portion will be comprising of 15 marks. Every time the maths part is of about 15 marks but it is not mentioned in the brochure. So at least students know what to do and what not !!

Other syllabus remains the same as it is. Still do me a favor. Once you get the syllabus do read it thoroughly at least once. If there are any changes you will come to know at once. Moreover, you will also get a brief idea of what topics you have to learn from a scratch and what all you know.

Here’s the GATE Syllabus in PDF Format : GATE 2010 Syllabi (All Branches/Streams) Downloaded 2679 times.

You can get more details about the exam from here : GATE 2010

All the best for GATE 2010

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Update (07/11/2009): Articles on GATE Exam


archiJanuary 10th, 2010 at 12:30 PM

plzzz mail me the syllabus for gate…


JoyAugust 5th, 2010 at 9:21 PM

Any trick out here?



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