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“Hello, good evening sir, this is HP Support Center, how can I help you ?” Finally, you get some relief that now your problem with the HP Printer software will get solved and you will be able to resume your work. So you start explaining the problem to the support guy. In the meantime, both of you start getting somewhat confused… You don’t know how to explain to him in technical terms and he is not able to get what you are telling. The phone conversation turns into a nightmare and you wish you could show him the nagging E-R-R-O-R. At last the support guy hangs up asking you to reinstall the printer drivers and the software, the most common and the most used solution or rather a technique to avoid customer fury !!

But now no need to worry… Your wish has been granted. CAMSTUDIO is the solution. It is a screen capture utility that can record a movie of your current screen. Maybe you have heard about the screen capture utility before, and even downloaded it. But as usual nothing comes for free. So what you get is a trial version with the eye-catching ‘Trial Version’ logo exactly in the center…

So here’s the good news for you, CamStudio is totally F-R-E-E full version… Don’t rub your eyes !! You have read it right, it is totally free and fully functional. Believe me, I am using it.

CamStudio records your screen activity in the form of an ‘.AVI’ movie or a flash movie ‘.swf’ file. Also it has a codec for compressing the audio file. Now what features does it offer ??

  1. Region Selection – you can select the region to capture i.e. it may be Fucamstudioll screen or a predefined fixed region or a custom region that you can define at the time of recording.
  2. Options - An extensive list of options is available for configuring CamStudio as per your needs. You can change the video settings to match your needs or you can decide whether you want to capture the audio or not. If you decide to capture the audio it allows you to select whether you want to capture it from headphones or microphone. Also it provides you with the Autopan option i.e. the video follows your mouse.
  3. Tools - The tools consist of the video and screen annotations.

Lets talk about some advantages.

  1. Very user friendly and self explanatory.
  2. The video and audio quality is awesome. I tried it at 70% video quality and you just cannot separate out the live screen and the video.

Disadvantage as according to me.

  1. The video size is too large even at 70% percent video quality. For a 30 min video the size is 550 Mb
  2. The video plays only in the media player that comes along with the software, it doesn’t play in the normal players installed on your PC.

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