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Yahoo! Messenger 9 – Must Haves

A BIG Hello to all the Yahoo! chatters !!yahoo-messenger-9

Here are some of the must haves for all the Yahoo! Messenger addicts.. Most of you might have downloaded the final stable release of the messenger, Yahoo! Messenger 9. But it always bothers me to download the messenger online. The messenger link that Yahoo provides is a small file which further uses your bandwidth every time you want to install the messenger. Though many would not be worried about their bandwidth but those who are, need not worry now.

Here is the Offline standalone Yahoo Messenger 9 installer which you’ll have to download just once. The second time whenever you want to install the messenger no need to connect to the Internet.

Just run this file and there you have your messenger at your service.

Yahoo Messenger (14.1 MB)

Once you are done with your messenger and when you are busy chatting with your buddies, the ads seem to be really annoying. So here’s a bonus, the yahoo ad remover. Download it and run it. You are done. The ads will never ever try to come near you… ;)

Yahoo Ad Remover (55.9 KB)

Wait, the party isn’t over… :) There’s something more for you… Ever wanted to use Yahoo! messenger with multiple Yahoo ids at the same time ?? But the messenger doesn’t allow so… But now you will be able to do so… Here’s the Yahoo! Multi Messenger for you. After downloading run it and click the Enable Y! Multi and voila, you have multiple messenger instances with different ids at the same time. Moreover you will also be able to remove the ads using this.

Multi Messenger (42.7 KB)

Njoy chatting !!!

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