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A poem on terrorism by Pushkar Bisht.

The whole world,
goes through the suffering
of deadly terrorism.

Terrorism is destroying
the peace in every nation,
how to save my world from terrorism?

Many innocent people,
losing their precious lives
leaving behind their kids alone.

The red blanket of blood,
spreading out everywhere.

The wailing is moving around,
the violence still kills many more.

Terrorists are successful,
in their mission they have made.

They have established their own empire,
they are encouraging the terrorism
by leaps and bounds.

Terrorists should not be jailed,
because they don’t deserve that.

They should be encountered,
when they are caught red-handed.

They haven’t valued our lives,
so why to keep them alive behind bars?

They should be treated badly,
We have to make concentration camps as dictator Hitler made.


arnabJanuary 4th, 2009 at 10:33 PM

no…putting some one behind the bars or killing them mercilessly will only give rise to more terrorism……we need to put the evil of religion,racism , regionalism behind bars…and for that we need to spread education….. btw cool updates man….i have been abscent from my blog for a while…but i think u know why ;)

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