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Something different !!

A friend of mine sent me a link in my Yahoo Messenger.. The link below is the one that he sent me..

At first sight u feel like a spam message, and these days spammers are so intelligent that they choose the sender’s name almost similar to someone on ur list.. I just don’t know how they do it !! /:) And I always delete those messages or mails at that very instant without being much bothered about the content.

But maybe that I am lucky or the link was lucky that I just didn’t follow the usual trail and went with my instincts and voila !! that was a great surprise for me, the site with such a long name exists on the web… And that too with some great content.. Something different..

Visit this link to know some interesting facts about the site itself :

After that I tried ‘Googling’ for the Longest URL and here are the results : Link

Try out the first result and see if u can separate out each and every word in the link !!

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