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The Second Post..

Hello everyone,

This is the second post on this new blog of mine… The Old Blog is still alive but gradually, once I have set up this blog properly, I am going to say ‘Good Bye’ to it..

Now why did I start a new blog..?? The old one was quite good (I think so.. ;) ). The main reason was the inability to add new things to my blog. That blog was hosted on WordPress and they do not allow any major changes except a few here and there like change of themes and addition of some widgets… :( But but, this limitation is just for the blogs hosted on their site. A good news for me… Being a software engineer, I can’t sit without making some changes as per my needs… So I decided to move my blog to some another domain, obviously a free one !!

The process of selecting a new domain is somewhat tedious (bcoz I needed a free one).. I have tried and tested quite a few and also ‘Googled’ for it to a great extent… Each one had its pros and cons, but finally I had to make my chioce and the lucky one, who was going to host my blog was Freehostia.

On the 22nd of June 2008, this blog of mine spoke its first words “Hello World !!”

Like for a new born, I had to dress up my blog before I show it to the world.. So the challenge of finding a new and attractive dress (theme) for it began… The search took a little long than expected and if by chance u had visited this blog of mine yesterday or earlier u might have come across one or the other theme each new day.. But none of them could give it a solid effect like this one. The theme I am using now is the “Forever Autumn 10″ WordPress theme designed by Joni Ang.

After the change of theme comes the addition of the add-ons or plugins and widgets. I have added a few and am still in search of some new and nice ones. Watch out for the list of some essential great plugins in my posts to come.

Its too late now and I think its enough for my mind and body…

Bye. tc.


WapethypeApril 29th, 2009 at 11:03 PM

cool sitename man)))
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